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Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life Primer
Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life Primer

Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life Primer

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A revolutionary new product embracing the most up to date international technology .It forms a protective foundation that will considerably extend the life of the surface finish of woodoc water borne deck especially in extreme sun conditions.


outdoor use only. Aclear exterior water-borne wood primer that must be applied to bare wood before overcoating with a Woodoc water-borne exterior sealer. Binds with the raw wood to provide an ideal surface for the finishing sealer (top coat). The use of Woodoc Plus-Life will TM PRIMER extend the lifespan of the sealer.


Wood must always be clean, dry & smooth before use of a primer. Never wash/wipe wood with water/solvent before applying the product. New wood: Sand until bare and smooth. Remove dust. Previously varnished/sealed/oiled/waxed wood: Sand until bare and smooth. Start with a coarse grit sandpaper and end with a fine grit. Sand weathered wood to remove all traces of weathering or use Woodoc Wood Reviver. If Woodoc Wood Reviver is used, wash down with water. Allow to dry completely. Sand until smooth. Remove dust. The use of a paint stripper is not recommended. Wood previously treated with a Woodoc water-borne exterior sealer: Do not use the Primer again if the top coat is still in a good condition. Sand lightly to key the surface and to ensure proper binding between the old and new layer. Remove dust. Recoat with the same sealer. If the topcoat is not in a good condition, remove the old coating as described for “Previously varnished wood”.


Stir well with a flat paddle before and during application to ensure that contents are well mixed. Do not shake or dilute product. Apply product with good quality brush. Apply coat until surface remains evenly glossy for at least 10 minutes after application. Apply more product to dull/dry areas. Allow coat to dry completely before overcoating with a Woodoc water-borne exterior sealer. DO NOT SAND BEFORE APPLYING THE FIRST COAT OF AWOODOC WATER-BORNE EXTERIOR SEALER. Apply a Woodoc water-borne exterior sealer following the instructions on the tin.

COVERAGE ± 12m /l for coat