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Timberlife Satinwood 28 Base
Timberlife Satinwood 28 Base

Timberlife Satinwood 28 Base

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Timberlife SATINWOOD 28 Base is a solvent-based finish that contains penetrating
water repellent oil and wax components to nourish and protect wood against
the elements when exposed to exterior conditions.

Satinwood 28 Base is recommended for Softwoods and Hardwoods of low porosity such as Balau for your decks.  

SATINWOOD 28 Base contains a fungicidal additive that provides added surface protection to wood against mould growth and fungal discolouration. It also contains an additional
insecticide to provide surface protection against wood borer and termite
attack. SATINWOOD 28/28 Base enhances the natural beauty of the wood
and dries to a satin-like, translucent finish that does not flake or peel. Most
suitable for applications such as wooden decks, doors, window frames,
cladding, log homes, outdoor furniture etc.